Why and when to visit

If you are in a desperate need for a city break without the cars. Better time to visit is during Spring or Summer (well this is true for the whole Europe to be honest!)

Getting there and around

This means book plane tickets, train, car or whatever you think you need to reach Amsterdam, and of course do not forget to return to the departure point. Even if, no one is waiting for you back home 😁 , I am pretty sure you probably have a job, otherwise I doubt you would have the money to visit Amsterdam.

By plane: Look at skyscanner and by train(from London) try eurostar

Eating out

Overall quality is good, so you really have to try to fail on this. Look for street markets and events in summer, they are good fun, vibes and food.


I stayed at neighbourhood Staatsliedenbuurt/Westerpark. Quiet area and with walking distance to city centre, about 20 min. I like walking!

Other interesting stuff

Try a self boat ride. There is a very low bridge, you will have to duck really low. Is kind of funny, if you do not hit your head of course.