Why and when to visit

Springtime is a good option to visit this “zen” city for a weekend break. Don’t get excited due to spring though. Get prepared to experience some chills, so make sure that you pack a jacket if you want a pleasant weekend.

Getting there and around

The flight is the fastest way and the tickets are cheap at the begging of spring. When you are in the city, you can walk pretty much everywhere but for longer distances, the tube is a good solution. Get a three-day ticket from any of the main stations and you are good to go.

Eating out

Favourite place for lunch is Tivoli gardens. Drop a visit and try out any open sandwich you find. For the fish lovers, dinner is served at the fish market. This is a historic place, which offers nowadays a range of seafood and fish restaurants.


Any central place would do. Overall, the city offers good accommodation options, for all budgets.

Fun facts

If you are not a crazy holiday planner, here are two easy things to do:

  • Book online a free walking tour of the city & Christiania.
  • If you are looking for night entertainment, visiting a jazz bar is a good option.