Why and When

From the end of September and later so that you skip the hottest season. If you are touring the USA or you have plans where Las Vegas can be a stopover for “relaxation” go for it. Getting there and around Driving is the best way to get there if you are already in the states so that you can visit grand canyon etc. Direct flights are also a good option. Getting around… here you have few options. One is to rent a car, the other is Uber or Lyft or buses. Buses are probably the most painful and least popular in the area.

Eating out

All the big hotels have several independent restaurants inside which are pretty good. On the high street, you have a lot of fast food options. Last but not least, is the hotel buffets. For this one you need to queue, pay more or less $50 but you can eat as much as you feel like. Make your research and read some reviews before you choose a buffet. It does not have to be in the hotel you stay necessarily.


Top ones for me are Bellagio, Caesar, Venetian. Most hotels in the new city area of good standards. Whichever you choose to sleep in, do drop a visit to all. Their decoration and atmosphere inside is unique and does worth visiting just for this. Also, the fountain outside Bellagio, take a break around there and watch.

Fun facts

The whole city is in the middle of a desert. The original Las Vegas is in the old city where I didn’t manage to go but you should! Try to get tickets to a show as well which is another highlight of the city. They do know how to spoil the crowd with spectacular productions.