Why and When

If you find yourself on a world crazy tour and Seychelles sounds like a nice stopover option, go for it! If you need to disappear from your job for a few days and do nothing but relax, this also counts for a good reason. I was there in November and I remember that the weather was pretty great. Other good months are April, May, October. Getting there and around Getting there by air! You will most likely arrive at Mahe which is the main island. From Mahe, you can get flights to Praslin (Grand Anse) and visit La Digue as well by boat. When you are at the smaller islands renting a bicycle is a good idea to get around.

Eating out

In the area, you have two options.

  1. Eat at restaurants, where you should expect prices of $$$$$.
  2. Go for takeaway creole food $$ and don’t forget the plantain crisps. They are addictive.


Renting accommodation B&B type is available as well as hotels of several stars. Prepare to spend a significant amount of money in hotels if you are going for a few stars.

Fun facts

Loved the gigantic turtles. Loved the beaches. Yes, they are like in these paradise movies. Loved to take away creole food with 5$. Loved plantain crisps.