Why and When

Best time to visit Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon and shoe horse is probably September or October, otherwise, you need to be prepared for lots of heat or rain. Visiting these places requires some driving time ~4hrs one way. If you are a nature lover or if you are not, you have to see these landscapes. What you see will be a unique memory in your head, maybe a picture on your wall as well.

Getting there and around

Car only. For Antelope Canyon. The upper side is more popular and you can only visit by local tour guides. If you search online there are only two operators so you do not have many options there. Book this online in advance if you can. If not, you can still buy tickets at the meeting point but you will have to curry cash something like $30 pp. For Monument Valley, you need to drive there and pay an entry fee as well. Shoehorse is also accessible by car and free. You can visit all the above with organised tour guides but it will cost you a bit more. You will need two days to visit the above.

Eating out

The best place is [Big John’s] (http://bigjohnstexasbbq.com/) and as a plus, there is live music outside. We went there twice.


If you are on a budget staying at Page motels is a pretty good option.

Fun facts

Well, the landscape.